It’s Beginning to look a lot like…

Baking season!

lol, yes that’s right, among my many holiday hobbies of getting into the spirit there is absolutely nothing more like the holidays then baking a big batch of warm butter-cookies.  The dough is fun to play with (ie. shape and put cookie cutters into) as it is to eat.  And ladies and gents this is most definitely NOT from a bag/box 😉  my trick?  When the recipe calls for 1 cup of butter or margarine I do half and half, aka 1 stick each.  It certainly changes the game making the dough easy to work with, easier to take out of the cutters, and less likely to stick to the pans and break when you try to free them.  My recipe comes from an old family book, which is filled with lovingly crafted and passed down traditions from many years past.  There is nothing better than the fresh warm smell of a cookie tray in the oven, heck decorating the cookies is almost as much fun too (if they last long enough to be frosted!)


So here’s a fun little twist you can do to make your cookies more interesting:

  • Don’t have cookie cutters?  use a glass with a nifty design on the bottom, sprinkle flour on the dough so it won’t stick and press it gently but firm enough to put the design into the dough.  Then carefully take a thin knife and cut around the glass.  You’ll have a neat design to frost or just leave alone.
  • Some m&m’s just lying around with no projects in mind?  Turn those boring cut-out cookies into a nifty m&m cookie.  Just mix into the dough or press them in neat little designs on top of the cookies.
  • Have young children that want to eat more than they cut out?  Turn the cookie cutting into a game, separate trays to each child and challenge them to fill the tray first, the winner will be the first to get a fresh-baked cookie or the first to decorate one 🙂
  • Want to make from scratch but don’t have time?  You can find these neat little pre-started cookie mixes in jars, half the work done, all you have to do is add the wet ingredients and bake.
  • Giving them as a present?  Personalize them.  You can cut a recipe several ways, you can separate the dough into different batches and make them into unique personal gifts that your friends and family will love.
  • Have fun with it!  Baking is a wonderful and joyous thing, so don’t get down on yourself, fill them with love and laughter, trust me you can taste the difference!

Well that’s it for now, anyone want to share any special memories of baking with mom or grandma in the kitchen?


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