A new year


Whew!  Sorry about dropping off for a bit, things went chaotic for a bit, and well now they’re starting to drop off a bit.

So, I know many of us have noticed the climate change, it is tangible, just how desolate things are becoming.  School shootings, attempted shootings, crazy new laws, just everything one right after another.  Honestly it all kind of scares me.  Not the whole “shooting” thing, believe me, I’ve had my fair share of things.  I remember once my friends older brother created a hit list that my sister was on and brought a gun to school to start “checking off” his list.  Do you want to know how that ended?  Quite well actually, apparently the guy was foaming at the mouth furious that someone noticed his weapon and informed teachers while he was far enough away from his locker.  The cops were swift, the teachers acted accordingly, and no one was hurt.  We have to learn to deal with these things.  Do I believe that guns are to blame?  No! here’s why:

Does a gun have a conscious?


Can a gun feel?


Can a gun walk to a public place and fire itself?


So why are we allowing the media to get into our heads where they are blaming guns for the violence and not the shooter?   In many of these cases (including the one in my town those years ago) the person attempting to or acting out on the violence did so because lets face it they weren’t all that “right” in the head.  Now in the case of Adam Lanza, do I think his mother should have had the guns she did in that house knowing about her son’s condition?  Hell no! The only thing I have ever seen happen with mentally unstable people and guns have ended in death or violence.  So what in this humble person’s opinion is the solution?  Honestly I really don’t think there is one, because there is only so much that we can do.  First and foremost the one major thing that I do see wrong with the pictures is that mental health care may not have been strongly available.  Let’s be honest there are some people out there that do in fact have a serious condition that should be monitored.  They need to be able to reach out when they know they are heading for a “melt-down” (and trust me, from personal experience you can see when that is coming nearly a mile away), and health-care facilities need to be prepared to deal with any situation a patient may throw at them.

You can speak to my friend James on any normal day and think you are speaking to one of the smartest people alive, but the one thing that he will tell you (and he’s quite proud of the fact too) is that there are some days he is not normal, and that is what all of his medication (and trust me, I’ve seen it, he’s got a lot) is for.  Last month he began not feeling well, just like the time before during school when he’d vanish for a week, turn back up, and then vanished again for the rest of the semester.  I knew that he was heading back towards another one of his “episodes” (well actually more like a feature length film, one of those un-cut editions like the Lord of the Rings), he was spacing out, not eating well, and just in general not there.  Right now, same as the last time, he is in the hospital, a time he usually refers to as an “experiment” phase, one where doctors scramble to find some new non-FDA approved drug that may return him to “normal.”  It isn’t his fault, he never asked to be born with such a high intelligence, but he was and he knows enough to know when his mood swings are coming, knows enough to keep his friends away so that no one will be hurt or see him that way, he is one of the rare ones that even though he can’t control it, knows what he can do to stifle it.  Adam Lanza was not one of those people.

Adam Lanza was not lucky enough to have self control built into his life, or if he did it crumbled like a sand-castle on a beach.  That is why we need better help for people like him that may loose that self control.  Or else who knows who the next name on the news headlines will be.


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