The “touch of death”

I suppose this is one of my “lighter” posts, but hey, someone needs the chance to laugh at my misery.

Has anyone here heard of Azriel?  If you haven’t Azriel is commonly known as the “Angel of Death.”  Now I know what you’re thinking, where the hell is she going with this? Well, truth is that lately I swear I’ve been followed by the damn thing, probably because they can smell the death around my house at the moment, my dog Lady left us just a few weeks ago, but I suppose to as they say lighten the mood Azriel decided to have a little fun.  It started pretty simply, something big, something huge, something holy crap that I need… my computer.  FML.  Oh now you go start blaming the Angel of Death for your computer’s misfortune, well ladies and gents I am afraid that it isn’t the only thing suffering.  You see I have a fairly new Keurig coffee pot, not even 4 months old, and yet it labors and sounds like a dying old machine!  Again, how can I blame something so odd?  Well just yesterday I was working on a very important final project, you know, college final project.  The worst thing possible happened.  My flash-drive not even a WEEK OLD crums out on me.  And oh it get’s better! It was wiped! and oh no the fun is not over yet! Completely write protected! ahhh now I really am doomed.  I have no back-up as my 8 GB became my new “Hard-drive” for my Xbox 360.  Oh well, at least I might be able to take it back to Walmart, then I can replace it with something else that might not break.


Well, I would like a laugh, anyone else got a ‘technology issue’ they want to share?